We make fruit yogurt that lets you taste
the original flavor of fruits.
To bring out the delicate fruit taste,
We have developed its own processing technologies.

Particular with fruit taste

At Ohayo Dairy, through each stage, from procurement and processing through to production,
we are particular about extracting the original taste of fruits.

Selected fruits

Our researchers personally visit various farms worldwide to check the quality of the fruits with their own eyes and hands. By carefully checking the quality, we select only the most suitable fruits for each product.

Quick freezing

The fresh taste of harvested fruits is locked in by quick freezing onsite.

Technology avoiding the loss of flavor and taste of the fruits

The quick-frozen fruits are carefully inspected one by one. Our proprietary manufacturing method avoids the loss of taste of the fruits; everything ends up in our delicious fruit sauce.

Our sterilization technology

Fruits lose their original flavor when heated. Therefore, we adopt the sterilization technology to prevent damaging the fruits.

Yogurt goes well with the fruits

We make the yogurt, the basis of deliciousness of the product, which is in good combination with acidity, sweetness, and sugar content of the fruits.

Best combination of yogurt and fruit

Fruit sauce, which packs the original taste of fruits, is blended with yogurt to create a harmonious balance, each complementing the taste of the other. This process is carried out at our own factory.

Carefully selected strawberries for flavorful taste

Zeitaku Kajitsu
Strawberry Drink-Type Yogurt

Drink type Yogurt with the plenty of fresh strawberries.

The satisfaction of delicious strawberry and whole fruit

Zeitaku Kajitsu
Whole Strawberry and yogurt

A refreshing yogurt that you can enjoy the deliciousness of fruits by adding large strawberry pulp to rich yogurt.

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