The more you know about the taste of milk
that goes in our coffee, 
the more you appreciate the taste of our café au lait. 
Aiming for coffee that must be rich in flavor and taste, 
We work seriously about bean selection, roasting, and extraction.

Looking for the great coffee taste

We select coffee beans suitable for milk from all around the world. The beans are thoroughly tested for freshness.

Grinding the beans

We grind the beans and create a blend to match the flavor of our other coffee ingredients in our own factories.

The skill of the craftsmen determines the extraction conditions.

They adjust the extraction temperature and amount of hot water, and then assess the coffee’s balance of acidity, bitterness, and taste.

Fresh milk

Fresh milk with strictly quality-controlled brings out the flavor of coffee, adding strength and depth to the taste.

We aimed for a café au lait with the taste and fragrance of freshly brewed coffee.

Our café au lait, with the taste of fresh milk, boasts a fragrance and flavor that can make a professional barista proud. This authentic café au lait is achieved through dairy manufacturer our commitment to “the real thing.”  

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